Georgia Pacific v. Gamble

Court of Civil Appeals of Alabama

Choctaw County | 280 So. 3d 1064 | Feb. 15, 2019

Appellate Court Upholds Decision on Worker's Disability Claim Against Georgia Pacific

Sheryl D. Gamble, an employee at Georgia Pacific Consumer Products LP (GP), suffered back and neck injuries in June 2014 while on the job. GP recognized the accident, providing Gamble with temporary-total-disability benefits for a brief period. However, upon being laid off in October 2014, Gamble pursued workers' compensation benefits against GP. The trial in August 2017 concluded in March 2018, ruling Gamble as 100% permanently and entirely disabled due to her injuries at GP.

Disagreeing with the decision, GP appealed, challenging the trial court's findings, particularly concerning Gamble's disability level, the Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) date, medical treatments' coverage, and litigation costs. The appellate review found GP's disagreements unconvincing. Despite differences in physicians' opinions and vocational consultants regarding Gamble's condition and employability, the appellate court, after assessing the presented evidence, sided with the trial court's findings. The court also pointed out that Gamble's appeal concerning litigation costs was premature, as the trial court had not yet finalized a judgment on this matter. In the end, the appellate court upheld the trial court's decisions and dismissed GP's premature appeal on litigation costs.

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