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For over a decade, Stephen Thompson has been working on Auto Accident and Workers' Compensation claims in Alabama, providing the compassionate and skilled legal counsel needed for individuals facing some of life's most difficult situations. Whether you are facing a Car Accident Injury, the Wrongful Death of a Loved One, an injury resulting from a 18 Wheeler Accident, or need assistance with an Alabama Workers' Compensation claim, this firm is dedicated to providing the professional and experienced representation necessary to efficiently resolve your legal crisis throughout Alabama.

Individualized & Personalized Legal Attention

I hold fast to the principle that each client is unique, and so are the circumstances that led them to require legal counsel.

At Stephen F. Thompson, Jr., Attorney at Law, LLC, your case will be handled directly by Stephen Thompson, not a paralegal or staff member. This personal attention means your case can receive the individualized care and consideration required to construct a customized and effective legal strategy.

Informative and Knowledgeable Legal Counsel

Knowledge is power. At your initial case consultation, I will speak or meet with you personally to gather all the details of your case. After a thorough fact-gathering process, I can describe to you the legal options available, and how they align with your goals and desired outcomes. Armed with this knowledge, you can then make the necessary informed decisions for your case.


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Experience Matters When You Want a Favorable Outcome

Whether litigating a 18 Wheeler Accident case, an Alabama Workers' Compensation claim or negotiating a Car Accident Claim, Stphen F. Thompson, Jr., Attorney at Law, LLC has the skills and experience necessary to help our clients achieve a favorable outcome. Stephen Thompson has worked in the past as a judicial clerk for a Circuit Court Judge in Birmingham, Alabama; as a defense lawyer, and for 15 years as a plaintiff lawyer.

This firm has the depth of experience and sought-after skills to be your legal representative, including:

  • Highly recommended by our previous clients, peers, and colleagues
  • Trusted reputation for legal excellence
  • Compassionate focus on a client's difficult situation
  • Statewide legal services for Car Wreck Injuries and Workers' Compensation Injuries throughout Alabama
  • Extensive courtroom litigation experience

At Stephen F. Thompson, Jr., Attorney at Law, LLC, claims are worked on tirelessly to help clients efficiently achieve the results they want. Get started on your case.

Free Initial Strategy Session

All Initial Strategy Sessions are Free. If you would like to discuss your options, you are invited to fill out one of the Contact Forms. I will attempt to contact you if I think I can help you.

During your Initial Strategy Session, I will asist you in creating a strategy on how to best pursue your claim, whether it be the result of a Car Accident Claim, 18 Wheeler Injury, or, Alabama Workers' Compensation Claim. At your Initial Strategy Session, you will receive the following:

  • First - I will listen to your story. You will have a chance to tell everything to someone who wants to hear what happened to you.
  • Based on the information that you provide, I will give you my best advice on both what claims you have, and the next steps you should consider to proceed with your claim(s).
  • If your claim is something that I think I can help you with, I will explain the services that I can provide for you, and what the next steps are that we should take. We will start working immediately.
  • If your matter is something that I do not think I can help you with, then I will attempt to put you in contact with another lawyer that might be able to help you.
  • Either way, what should happen is we will put to rest some of the unkowns that you may be experiencing. We will start to shed some light on what you can expect, and how to best pursue the benefits you deserve.

Contingency Fees | Alabama Car Accidents

Claims for damages, or negligence claims, are taken on a contingency fee structure, which means you don't have to pay me anything out-of-pocket. Contingency fee rates are set on a case-by-case basis. I typically cover expenses for you on the front-end on the condition that you pay me back out of your recovery. We will not have an attorney-client relationship until we both agree on the terms, but, any communication between us will still be protected as priviledged communication, even if we do not come to an agreement.

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