Broken Bones in Car Accidents in Alabama: Your legal Options

Every year, Alabama sees a significant number of car accidents. While such accidents manifest different types of injuries, broken bones are common. They may range from minor fractures to devastating, life-altering breaks. If you have sustained such an accident, Stephen Thompson, a top-rated personal injury lawyer in Alabama, can help you understand your legal rights and possible compensation paths.

Types of Fractures

There are several types of fractures that can occur as a result of an car accident. These include:

  • Closed fractures: Also known as simple fractures, closed fractures occur when the bone is broken but the skin is not punctured. These types of fractures can be treated with a cast or brace, and typically take several weeks to heal.
  • Open fractures: Also known as compound fractures, open fractures occur when the bone is broken and the skin is punctured. These types of fractures can be more serious and can result in a greater risk of infection. Open fractures typically require surgery and a longer healing time.
  • Comminuted fractures: Comminuted fractures occur when the bone is broken into multiple pieces. These types of fractures can be more difficult to treat and may require surgery and a longer healing time.
  • Displaced fractures: Displaced fractures occur when the bone is broken and the ends of the bone are not in proper alignment. These types of fractures can be more difficult to treat and may require surgery and a longer healing time.
  • Compression fractures: Compression fractures occur when the bone is crushed rather than broken. These types of fractures can be more serious and may require surgery and a longer healing time.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis of a broken bone typically involves a physical examination, X-rays or other imaging tests. A physical examination will assess the individual's level of consciousness, balance, and coordination, as well as any other physical symptoms. Imaging tests such as X-rays or MRI can reveal any physical damage to the bone, and will help to identify the type of fracture.

Treatment for broken bones will depend on the severity of the injury and the specific type of fracture. Treatment options can include rest, immobilization, medication, and surgery. In some cases, individuals with a broken bone may require long-term rehabilitation, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy.

Seeking Legal Help in Alabama for Broken Bone Injuries

Alabama's personal injury law allows victims of car accidents to seek compensation for their damages from the negligent party, particularly if it affects your life or livelihood significantly, such as a broken bone would. Whether the collision was a result of impaired driving, reckless behavior, or sheer negligence, you need an experienced attorney like Stephen Thompson on your side.

Stephen Thompson is a seasoned car accident lawyer based in Alabama with deep experience in handling complex injury claims. He can evaluate your case, negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf, and represent you in court if necessary. 

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How Alabama’s Personal Injury Law Applies to Car Accidents

Alabama follows a traditional fault-based system when it comes to car accidents and injuries. This means that the party responsible for the accident is also held liable for any resulting damages. However, Alabama is also a contributory negligence state, which means if you're found even 1% at fault for your accident, you may be barred from compensation. Therefore, proving the other party's negligence with clear, solid evidence becomes crucial.

This is where an experienced Alabama personal injury lawyer plays a pivotal role. Stephen Thompson has the knowledge and resources to build a strong legal case to prove the negligence of others.

Damages in Broken Bones Car Accident Injuries

After a car accident in Alabama, you may be entitled to various damages. These include general damages for pain and suffering, special damages such as medical expenses, loss of past and future earning capacity, and punitive damages, which are designed to punish the negligent party.

In cases involving broken bones, the after-effects often stretch beyond immediate physical pain. There's additional emotional and psychological trauma, lengthy recovery times, and diminished quality of life due to disability. Therefore, compensation should not just cover immediate medical expenses, but long-term consequences as well.

Stephen Thompson's expertise includes accurately valuing these damages and ensuring you receive the fair compensation you deserve.


Facing a car accident can be overwhelming, especially with injuries as severe as broken bones. While Alabama law provides paths for compensation, navigating the legal process can be daunting for accident victims. Remember, you have the right to engage an attorney to help through this difficult period.

Stephen Thompson, an Alabama personal injury lawyer, is committed to ensuring accident victims secure much-deserved justice and fair compensation. Specializing in broken bones car accident injuries, his aim is to alleviate your burden while you focus on recovery. Trust him to handle your legal battle while keeping your best interests at heart.

If you or your loved ones have been victims of an accident resulting in broken bone injuries, don't hesitate to reach out to Stephen Thompson today. He understands the unique circumstances surrounding car accident injuries in Alabama — trust him to guide you through this challenging time.

Act promptly to protect your rights. Stephen Thompson, the trusted choice among Alabama's personal injury lawyers, is ready to deliver the strong legal representation that you need.

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