Navigating Insurance Companies After an 18 Wheeler Accident Injury in Alabama

If you've unfortunately been involved in a collision with an 18 wheeler in Alabama, you might have sustained severe injuries and significant property damage. Insurance companies should provide financial recovery, but they can be remarkably complex to deal with. Personal injury lawyer Stephen Thompson can help you navigate through this challenging process and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Understanding Alabama's Insurance Laws

In Alabama, the law requires all 18 wheeler drivers to have insurance coverage. The state follows a traditional fault-based system, which means the responsibility for compensating injuries or damages lies with the party at fault. So, if an 18 wheeler caused your accident, their insurance company is generally responsible for any compensations, including medical bills, lost wages, and damages to your property.

Immediately After the Accident

The actions you take immediately after an 18 wheiler collision can substantially impact your claim. If it's safe, document the accident scene, collect information from the truck driver, and contact the police to report the crash. Get medical attention even if you feel fine. Some injuries, like whiplash or internal bleeding, don't show up immediately. A thorough medical examination will provide evidence of harm, which can become crucial during an insurance settlement or trial.

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Communicating with the Insurance Company

While insurance companies are supposed to work in your favor, they are businesses, after all, that want to save money. This is why it's crucial to remember a few things when talking with an insurance adjuster.

Do not provide a recorded statement to the insurance company without consulting with your personal injury attorney first. The insurer may attempt to use your own words against you later to deny your claim. 

Only share the basic facts about the accident. Avoid discussing your injuries in detail or assigning blame. 

Remember, insurance adjusters are skilled negotiators. So, refrain from accepting the initial settlement offer as it could be significantly lower than what you're entitled to.

Involving an Alabama Personal Injury Lawyer

Hiring an Alabama personal injury lawyer like Stephen Thompson can be a game-changer when dealing with insurance companies after an 18 wheeler accident. Stephen will deal with the insurance company on your behalf, safeguarding you from any potential pitfalls. 

One significant advantage of leveraging a lawyer is that they will accurately estimate your damages, ensuring you get the fair compensation you deserve. Your personal injury lawyer will consider all probable expenses, including potential future medical costs or lost wages, that the insurance company might not take into account.

Should negotiations fail with the insurance company, an experienced attorney will be invaluable. They can guide you through the process of pursuing compensation through a personal injury claim all the way to the courtroom if necessary.

Moreover, an experienced Alabama personal injury lawyer like Stephen Thompson will be familiar with legalities concerning 18 wheeler accidents and can navigate the complexities of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations that affect these cases.

Dealing with insurance companies after an 18 wheeler accident in Alabama can be a daunting task. But remember, you are not alone in this process. Personal injury lawyer Stephen Thompson has a wealth of experience dealing with insurers and negotiating claims, and he can fight tirelessly on your behalf to ensure you receive the compensation required to deal with the aftermath of your accident.

For legal help after your 18 wheeler accident, consider meeting with Stephen Thompson, an accomplished car accident and personal injury lawyer in Alabama. You can rely on his experience and tenacity to guide you through the maze of insurance negotiations and personal injury claims to achieve a favorable outcome.

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