Can I still file a claim if I was a pedestrian or cyclist hit by an Uber driver?

Accidents on the road are unfortunately a common occurrence. With the advent of rideshare services such as Uber, accidents involving their drivers have also grown in number. Are you in Alabama and were a pedestrian or cyclist injured in an accident involving an Uber driver? In this article, we discuss if and how you can file a claim following such an accident. 

The answer is yes – if you're a pedestrian or cyclist and have been hit by an Uber driver, you can still make a claim. However, getting compensation for your injuries, pain, suffering, medical expenses and lost wages can be a complex legal process. It demands sound knowledge of Alabama personal injury laws and thorough understanding of how insurance coverage works in the case of Uber and similar rideshare companies. That's where a skilled personal injury lawyer like Stephen Thompson, well-versed in Uber accident injuries and Alabama’s motor vehicle laws, can make a difference to your case.

When Uber is Involved

Uber carries a $1 million liability insurance policy for accidents occurring while a passenger is in the Uber vehicle, or when the driver is heading to pick up a passenger. This policy applies when the Uber driver is at-fault. However, if you're hit as a pedestrian or cyclist when the Uber application is off, or when the driver doesn't have a fare and isn't en route to pick up a passenger, it falls under the driver's personal insurance policy. 

Navigating this can be tricky and contentious. Insurance companies are notorious for denying claims or trying to minimize payouts. Therefore, it would be wise to seek legal counsel from an experienced personal injury attorney like Stephen Thompson, who can help guide you through these complexities and seek maximum compensation legally possible under Alabama law.

Understanding Alabama's Contributory Negligence Rule

Alabama follows a "pure contributory negligence rule," which can impact the outcome of your claim. This rule stipulates that if you, as the pedestrian or cyclist, are found even 1% at fault, you could be barred from recovering any compensation. An adept personal injury lawyer can help argue your side of the case, establishing that negligence on the part of the Uber driver was the sole cause of the accident. 

For your claim's success, you should collect all possible evidence from the accident scene, such as photographs, witness statements, and police reports. Preserve all records of your medical treatment, expenses, and any loss of income caused by the accident. However, it's crucial to avoid making any statements or signing any settlement papers without consulting your attorney. 

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Confronting The Statute of Limitations

Under Alabama's personal injury law statute of limitations, you have two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit. If you fail to do this within the stipulated timeframe, you might lose your right to seek compensation. Consequently, contacting a proficient personal injury attorney as promptly as possible following your accident is critically important to avoid any procedural pitfalls and to confront the statute of limitations effectively. 

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Regardless of the complexity of the legal process, understand this: If you were a pedestrian or cyclist hit by an Uber driver, it's your right to seek compensation for your injuries and suffering. Attorney Stephen Thompson is here to help exercise that right, proficiently guiding you through the legal labyrinth. 

Stephen Thompson and his team have a robust record of securing significant settlements and verdicts for accident victims in Alabama. Emphasizing personal attention, a thorough understanding of the law, and relentless representation, they are committed to fighting for your rightful compensation.

If you're searching for an Alabama Uber accident lawyer or a skilled personal injury attorney for such cases, look no further. For a free consultation, contact Stephen Thompson's law offices today. Because when it comes to securing your rights, you deserve nothing less than the best. 

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