Common Injuries Sustained in Uber Accidents

Auto accidents are an unfortunate reality of modern transportation systems. While some are purely coincidental and happen out of nowhere, others occur due to neglect and carelessness. One subset of these accidents involves Uber vehicles. As rideshare services like Uber become more popular in Alabama, we're sad to note an accompanying surge in accidents featuring these vehicles, including auto accidents. Many individuals who ride Uber and other rideshare services may not know what actions to take following an accident. We hope to demystify some of these concerns by discussing the common injuries sustained in Uber motor vehicle accidents and what victims of such incidents can do under Alabama law.

Being drivers ourselves here at the Law Firm of Stephen Thompson, we understand what goes on out on the roads. We're passionate about protecting the rights of other riders, particularly against huge corporations like Uber, whose drivers may not have the same level of awareness and caution on roads.

One common injury experienced in Uber auto accidents, as with any other auto accident, is traumatic brain injury (TBI). Even when the riders are wearing helmets (which is always strongly advisable), in a high-speed collision between the heavy Uber vehicle and the comparatively lightweight automobile, the sheer force can cause significant brain trauma. This can lead to chronic issues with cognitive functions, memory, and emotional regulation, and may require costly long-term care.

Spinal cord injuries are another frequently occurring injury type. The impact of the collision can lead to fractured or compressed vertebrae, damaging the sensitive spinal cord. In worst-case scenarios, this can result in paralysis, significantly altering the victim's quality of life and placing immense financial burden on them and their families.

Road rash is another common injury among automobile drivers in Uber accidents. Infection, permanent scars, and necessary skin graft surgery can all stem from what initially might seem like minor abrasions.

Broken bones, internal injuries, neck injuries, and psychological trauma are additional common injuries seen following Uber auto accidents. It's crucial to seek immediate medical attention even after a minor accident because these injuries can have delayed symptoms, and commence treatment as soon as any issues are diagnosed.

Alabama follows the ‘at-fault’ rule, meaning the party found responsible for causing the accident is liable for all damages. If you're a victim of an Uber auto accident, your rights include filing a claim against Uber's commercial insurance to cover your medical expenses, future rehabilitation costs, lost wages, automobile repair expenses, and non-economic damages such as pain and suffering.

However, the fight against Uber can be hard-fought. Uber, given its status as one of the biggest rideshare companies, possesses immense resources, including teams of experienced lawyers, all designed to reduce its liability. But don’t be daunted. With a specialized Alabama personal injury lawyer like Stephen Thompson by your side, you can successfully navigate the intricacies of rideshare laws and insurance claims, demanding and receiving the rightful compensation you deserve.

In conclusion, Uber accidents can cause several physical and psychological injuries with life-changing repercussions. The best way to protect yourself in such circumstances is by seeking prompt medical attention, collecting crucial evidence, and entrusting your case to a competent Alabama personal injury lawyer. If you or a loved one have been a victim of an Uber auto accident in Alabama, the Law Office of Stephen Thompson is here to help. We passionately fight for the rights and interests of our clients, relentlessly pursuing justice on their behalf. Contact us today for a consultation, and let us guide you through your unique situation with dedication and expertise, providing the legal support that you rightfully deserve.

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