Who is responsible for paying for my medical expenses after an Uber accident?

As a potential client or a curious internet user actively researching Alabama's personal injury law, you may find yourself wondering: if you are involved in an Uber accident in Alabama, who will bear the cost of your medical expenses? This is a valid question many Alabamians face when navigating the increasingly common and complex web of rideshare accident personal injury legalities. This article aims to clarify the general responsibilities surrounding Uber accidents, representing Stephen Thompson's years of experience as an Alabama personal injury lawyer.

Understanding Uber Coverage in Alabama

Ridesharing services like Uber maintain an underlying insurance policy to cover injuries and damages that occur during a driver's active service period. The coverage depends on the status of the driver at the time of the accident. If they were logged into the app awaiting a ride request or 'on the clock' when the accident occurred, the insurance policy provided by Uber becomes applicable. However, if the driver was 'off the clock' at the time, their personal insurance might have to bear the costs. 

Who Pays for Medical Expenses Following an Uber Accident?

Responsibility and compensation in Uber-related accidents can be multi-faceted and generally depends on the following scenarios. 

  1. If the Uber driver is at fault: If an Uber driver is found to have caused an accident while on an active ride or on the way to retrieve a ride request, Uber's insurance policy should ideally cover medical expenses and other associated damages, given their $1 Million liability insurance policy.
  2. If another driver is at fault: If another road user causes the accident, their insurance is expected to cover your medical costs as a passenger. What if they aren't adequately insured or are without insurance? In such instances, Uber's uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury policy kicks in. 
  3. If the passenger or other party is at fault: If you're held accountable for an accident, either as a passenger behaving recklessly or another road user, your personal insurance plays a critical role in covering the medical expenses. 
  4. If multiple parties are at fault: In some instances, multiple parties contribute to an accident. Alabama follows a pure contributory negligence rule whereby if a victim holds even a 1% fault, they are not eligible for compensation from other parties deemed at fault. This can be extraordinarily subjective, necessitating the need for effective legal representation from personal injury lawyers like Stephen Thompson.

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Why You Need an Attorney

While it may seem like Uber's insurance policy should straightforwardly cover injuries, it could often be more complex. Insurance companies, even Uber's, are adept in deflecting responsibility and may resort to denying claims, delaying payouts, or underpaying victims. An adept personal injury attorney with experience in handling Uber-related claims, like Stephen Thompson, can effectively traverse through these complexities.

Also, remember that seeking legal advice becomes vital when determining fault in an accident in Alabama, as our state follows the ‘contributory negligence’ doctrine. This doctrine could restrict your right to compensation if you had even the slightest fault in the accident.

Regardless of who’s found at fault, it’s crucial to obtain legal help promptly. Immediately contact an expert Alabama personal injury lawyer like Stephen Thompson to ensure you achieve the fairest compensation possible. An attorney also helps recover additional costs like lost wages, pain, and suffering that aren't typically covered by insurance policies.

While the intricacies surrounding the responsibility for medical expenses after an Uber accident can seem daunting, remember that help is readily available. Experienced Alabama personal injury lawyer Stephen Thompson is committed to advocating for those affected in rideshare incidents. If you need assistance to understand and navigate the legal and insurance landscapes post an Uber accident in Alabama, Stephen Thompson's expertise is just a call away.


When it comes to handling Uber accident cases and recovery of your medical expenses, do not navigate alone. Leverage the valuable insight and extensive experience of an Alabama personal injury lawyer like Stephen Thompson. Doing so will ensure comprehensive understanding, effective negotiation, and productive representation, leading to the best possible compensation for your Uber-associated accident. 

Uber accidents can be complex, but determining responsibility doesn't have to be. With the right legal representation at your side, you can make sure you aren't left to bear the financial burden of accidents that weren't your fault.

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