Maxim Healthcare Services, Inc. v. Debra Taylor Freeman

Court of Civil Appeals of Alabama

Jefferson County | 93 So. 3d 974 | April 13, 2012

Permanent Partial Benefits Affirmed in Back Injury Case

Freeman, a licensed practical nurse under Maxim Healthcare Services, suffered injuries while lifting a patient from a toilet to a wheelchair, resulting in excruciating pain that affected her back, hips, and legs. Despite emergency and ongoing treatment, her pain persisted and she was unable to continue her duties as a nurse.

After a bench trial held on July 11, 2011, the Jefferson County Circuit Court found that Freeman's work-related accident caused or aggravated a preexisting condition in her lower back. The court thus awarded Freeman both temporary-total-disability and permanent-partial-disability benefits. Maxim's appeal was centered on disputing the medical causation of Freeman's back problems, however the Court of Civil Appeals of Alabama affirmed the lower court’s decision.

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