Workers Comp Back Injuries

Back Injuries are classified as non-schedule injuries in the Alabama Workers' Compensation Act. This means the formula for compensation is not as rigid as it would be for a schedule injury. If we lose a finger, we all suffer that injury equally. We once had ten fingers, we now have nine. But back injuries are more complicated.

Everyone's injury is different and unique. Some people respond positively to physical therapy, some people require pain management intervention, and still other people require surgery. Even then, some people do not recover with even surgery. Because of this wide range of possible outcomes for different people suffering neck injuries, the Alabama Workers' Compensation Act allows for a wider range of compensation. People suffer neck injuries differently, they recover differently, so they are compensated differently. Back injuries therefore are treated as an injury to the body as a whole.

The spine houses a large part of the central nervous system, which impacts the entire body. Back injuries can be a source of pain that extends into the legs or shoulders. Back injuries can cause an unnatural gait, or stride, that causes additional wear and tear on other parts of the body. For these reasons, back injuries are known as "non-schedule" injuries. The mathematical formula is different in calculating the benefits to allow for the wider range of impact on an injured worker's ability to earn an income. 

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